Mini Boom Bluetooth Speaker with touch screen controls

MSRP: $80.95
SmarTech - Mini Boom Speaker that fits in the palm of your hand and with 100 ft. Bluetooth range. Your music can be almost anywhere in your house works as a speaker phone with a built in mic you can have a group conversation. Fill the room with music with this mini marvel. A perfect speaker for anywhere on the go.

1. Wireless speaker for smartphones, tablets and laptops: Stream music from your iPad, iPhone, Android device, laptop or other Bluetooth-enabled devices
2. Great sound you can take anywhere: Compact size with specially designed acoustic chamber for full rich sound and enhanced bass
3. Rechargeable battery: Listen unplugged up to 12 hours straight on the internal NiMH battery.
4. Backlit touch panel controls: It's easy to stay in command - even in the dark of night great for your camping trips.
5. Doubles as a speakerphone: Built-in mic for crystal clear, hands-free calls from your Bluetooth wireless mobile devices

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