Adore You Sweater Top With Open Shoulder Straps

MSRP: $67.95

Cute cuddles found just around the corner..

What a sweet way to express your feelings .. just select a color you love on your girl and gift this cozy comfort to her.. She will love the lightness and ease of this sweater top and will smile for this thoughtful gesture that will not only make her feel warm but look adorable too..

Say 'Adore You' without saying it actually.. 


  • It is made of cozy 88%Acrylic and 12%Polyester blend.
  • It has an adorable open shoulder straps design.
  • It weighs:330g.
  • M-L size measures Length 30"Back- 27"Front and, L-XL size measures Length 31.5"Back- 27.5"Front.
  • Full sleeves and hi-low hemline.
  • It comes in sweet and complimenting colors like WHIP CREAM, LAVANDULA, ENGLISH GREY, MERLOT WINE, NIGHT BLACK AND PURE GOLD.


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