Disco Scene Glow In The Dark LED Bluetooth Headphones

MSRP: $103.95

Disco Scene Glow In The Dark LED Bluetooth Headphones...

These headphones are Bluetooth-enabled and they glow in the dark with bright neon inner colors..! The softly padded earmuff and almost sound proof from outside noise feature let you enjoy the music and makes you feel like you want to dance...

The LED lights flash as per the music beats and volume of the music and it can also be turned off to save power... The headphones are adjustable to fit the different head sizes and can accommodate non-Bluetooth device thru it's AUX port and a cable. There is a volume control, track change and power On/Off button as well. It is lightweight, easy to recharge via micro USB port and the charging cable is provided. The best feature of this is the sound quality... With its high bass, the sound is crispy and make a real feeling of a concert or a disco club... Enjoy music like never before with extra features and more entertainment compared to high-end brand name headphones! 

Boogie all night with the bright neon colors and turn the dullest of moments into festive fun with Disco Scene...


  • Bluetooth 4.01 enabled Headphones.
  • LED lights in BLUE, RED, and GREEN flash on music play which makes you boogie and it can be turned off too.
  • All music control.
  • Full compatibility with any devices with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The rechargeable battery inside fully recharges and lasts for 6 hours play time, 240 hours standby. ( Play time will vary with use of LED lights).
  • Acts as a safety light when you go for your evening/night walk while enjoying the music. 
  • It comes in lively colors like WHITE, LIME GREEN, HOT PINK, AND OCEAN BLUE.
  • It comes in a gift box for gift giving this Holiday Season.



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