Fashion Wrap Lambs Wool Shawl


So breathable and silky soft...

Wrap this one around your shoulders and stay naturally warm with this fine quality Lambswool shawl... It looks lustrous, feels luxurious, and it's fine playful fringes make you reach for it again and again!

Drape yourself beautifully...


  • Made of 100% premium quality Australian Lambswool.
  • Silky warm feel and rich fashionable look make it unique.
  • It measures long, which makes it versatile as you can wrap it in many different styles.
  • It comes in a variety of vivid and solid colors to go with any of your outfits like POMEGRANATE RED, NIGHT BLACK, BROWNY TAUPE, MARSALA WINE, BLUSH PINK, CAFE MOCHA, SILVER SKY, FUCHSIA QUEEN, BEAUTIFUL BEIGE AND ANTIQUE PEWTER.
  • Get more for gift giving, each sold individually.

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