Fuzz Buster A Fuzz Ball And Lint Remover

MSRP: $37.95

A handy "Must Have" and a good housekeeping item!

Restore and Save your favorite Cashmere sweater .. Don't part with it just because it has gathered lint, Fuzz Buster is here to shave that unsightly fuzz balls and lint for you, without pulling the threads of the fabric or causing a snag! It has 3 sharp blades that lifts and detaches the fuzz balls and lint from the surface instantly and can make your sweater look like new again... 

This Fuzz Buster is battery operated and safe to use, the fuzz balls and lint catcher ring around the blade catches the unsightly stuff and can be detached easily to clean it.. No Sticky glue rollers, No mess! 

Get Fuzz Buster and breath new life into your favorite toys, sweaters, socks, dress pants, bed sheets, and towels or anything else...


  • Made from sturdy plastic.
  • Safely removes fuzz, lint & piling from all fabric like Wool, Polyester, Cotton and all types of fabric.
  • Detachable fuzz ball and lint catcher for easy removal.
  • Comfortable grip.
  • Large shaving head. 
  • Requires 2 AA batteries ( not included ).
  • Size 4-inch x 2.5 inches approx.  


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