GARAGE POLICE Guiding Signal Light For Your Car

MSRP: $68.95

No more guessing games , no more crashes .. Garage Police is here to attend you !

After a long day at work and fighting evening traffic you finally reach home, but there is still one more precaution you need to take before getting in the comfort of your home ; parking your car safely in your garage..! You move in slowly and try to park at an approximate random spot, you try not to get too close to the front wall and at the same time you think you are far enough from the garage door to shut it behind you, you are not really sure but you do it anyways praying not to hit your car! It's a mental exercise you go through every day and even though you get it right mostly, you still wish there was a sure-fire, stress free and no brainer way that tells you exactly where and when to stop and park your car in the garage without damaging the wall or the car .. Well you will Thank God for listening , as GARAGE POLICE is here to the rescue and it so helpful, it feels like a blessing and truly God send..! 

Garage Police is a signal light which you can easily hang or mount on your garage wall facing the garage door and it guides you like your personal attendant or your valet .. It flashes the Green light when you approach the garage, flashes the Yellow light when you get close to the parking spot and flashes the Red light when it's time to stop and park ! You know your car is in the correct position at the correct spot !

Prevention is always better than cure .. Order today for safety assistance by Garage Police!


  • The signal light is made of Green, Yellow and Red Fiberglass.
  • It measures------- inches Tall.
  • It comes with essential parts which make wall hanging / mounting easy.
  • The inbuilt 3 LED lights flash as you approach closer to it .
  • Batteries are included.
  • A thoughtful gift for yourself and your family.

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