iPhone 6 Quick Wallet & Case with Screen Protection 10 pcs LOT

MSRP: $150.95

IPhone 6 Quick Wallet and Case with Screen protection.

If you do not want to carry a bulky wallet with all your stuff then this case will work for you it is the latest in QUICK Wallet that will allow you to store in a hidden slider pocket that is no ticker then the case of the phone itself. 

It will store up to 3 Cards and cash. Built from bullet proof materials poly-carbonate and an inner lined with shock absorbing rubber it will also protect your investment. It has .05 mm edge over the screen so if your phone falls on the floor it will not touch the floor the case will absorb the fall.


Perfect to fit with iPhone 6 - 4.7 inch size.

All access to all the buttons and charging ports and speaker. 

Comes in multiple colors.

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