ITALIA Simple, Elegant and Rare 925 Sterling Silver Earrings Set of 3 Pairs


ITALIA. The Fancy Cut Earrings. Simple, Elegant and Rare Sterling Silver Earrings come in set of 3 pairs.

Each pair is 2 ct wt. in Swarovski Crystal Elements. They are Hand mounted in basket settings and when you select ITALIA, you get all 3 pairs in one beautiful deal. 

The fancy cut stones come in: Heart Shape, Round Shape and Princess Cut in pure Sterling Silver 925 or 14 kt Gold Plated over Sterling Silver. 

 As the Italian saying goes, a pretty thing is soon taken. So rush up and get your ITALIA SET OF 3 Earrings Today! 


  • Made from 925 Sterling Silver. 
  • Stones are Swarovski Crystal Elements, 1 ct each makes 2 ct Total wt. per pair.
  • Stone Size is 6 mm. 
  • Earring Style is Post with butterfly backs, all in 925 Sterling Silver which makes it safe for sensitive skin.
  • They come in a Gift Box.

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