Cozy Companion Jogger's Headband With Bluetooth Speakers

MSRP: $37.95

Keep your ears snuggly airtight this winter with this headband while you jog and jump, go gymming and lounge at home!

These headbands are stretchy but won't lose their shape, fights the cold wind for you and makes you look hot!  with this stylishly designed headband... This thoughtfully designed headband not only gives you the freedom to wear your hair in a stylish ponytail, a slick bun or loose; it also provides music to your ears as you can also listen to and enjoy your favorite playlist with its built-in Bluetooth speakers!

Have your Cozy Companion with you wherever you go this holiday season...


  • This high-performance headband is breathable, water-resistant and soft to touch.
  • The unisex headband keeps the sweat and your hair out of your face as you exercise.
  • It comes in various shades.
  • Get more as stocking stuffers, each sold separately.
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