Koziko Pocketed Wrap In Two Tones


Be effortlessly elegant... 

Get a welcoming and generous hug from this two-tone, pocketed wrap and you will love the crisp cool winter weather even more! This festive time of the year when you just want to roam around town with friends in your favorite jeans and frilly tops with high boots shopping for the holidays or going to the concerts and needing something warm and cozy to wrap around your shoulders, this is exactly what you are looking for! You can also enjoy it as a soft throw to snuggle up on your sofa while lounging or to huddle around the fireplace or the Christmas tree with your family...Keep one in the car for the movie outing or take one along with you while traveling and be warm and happy...

Make your wish come true and get cozy with Koziko, it will lift your spirits and beat the winter blues away!

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