Moscow Mule Mugs Copper Polished Set of 2

MSRP: $37.95

Three cheers to your favorite ginger beer and vodka cocktail with a touch of lime! Make this refreshing and delicious drink and go all out and serve it in these Mugs to really enjoy it...

These copper polished mugs come in two options, solid or hammered on the outside...They are a novelty and feel like a luxury when you enjoy your cocktails or mocktails with your friends! Even simple fruity water and tangy lemonade served chilled in these mugs feel like a celebration! Garnish with mint leaves and enjoy the kick of the flavor out of these timeless Moscow Mules, you will simply love it!

Collect the whole set for your formal dining table or get more for your state of the art home bar! 


  • The Copper polished mugs come in solid and hand hammered design on the exterior.
  • It keeps any beverage cooler for a longer period of time.
  • Perfect for cocktails, mocktails, and fruit infused water.
  • Each mug holds 13 ounces of liquid.
  • Great for parties and everyday use.
  • Get more, sold in Solid Plain Look and Hammered, individually and in a Set of 2.


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