Over The Moon Long Necklace With Crescent Moon Pendant

MSRP: $41.95

Absolutely lovely like the moon you saw in Spain... 

An awesome Crescent moon pendant with deep amber crystals holding on to a beautiful long Yellow Gold Necklace is just what you want to wear with your lacy Rosset long maxi dress... Dance to the tunes of some wild music with the exquisite Flamenco artists on the open moonlit terrace in some remote village in Spain and feel ecstatic ...

Enjoy each moment and feel that Over The Moon feeling! 


  • The long necklace is made of Yellow Gold plating.
  • The sweet crescent moon with amber crystals gives the feeling of dream land.
  • The necklace measures 22 inches Long.
  • The lobster clasp closure makes it secure.
  • It comes in a gift pouch, makes a sweet gift. 

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