Palm Power - The Power Bank that Fits in Your Palm

MSRP: $41.95

Palm Power gives you the power you need and fits in your palm.

You can charge your Smartphone 100% and more with this Palm Power Bank. It has 5500 mAh packed power in it's newest technology in Li- Polymer cells. It lasts longer on standby too for 5 full days and it will still have the power you need with less than 10% lost.

Palm Power's thin design makes it easy to slip into a bag or purse or portfolio. It has a standard USB port, which means all your charging cable will plug right in and charge your device. It comes with a micro USB cable to charge the Palm Power Bank. It has on/off button to stop and conserve power.

The built in power indicator light shows you how many percentage of power is left.

-Palm Power is Compatible with Apple, Samsung, HTC and any device, phone or tablet.
-Size : 4.5 inches Tall, 1/4 inches Thick and 2 1/4 inches Wide.

Comes in Multiple colors.

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