Pretty Patterns Watch With Henna Style Belt And Mandala Dial

MSRP: $37.95

You can never have too many watches!

Get this pretty watch with a colorful Mandala circle dial that gives an impression of a kaleidoscope and makes it even more amazing! The Vegan belt is full of floral henna-like design giving it a playful vibe and leaves a lasting impression on your mind...

Make the most of your days, hours and moments... Count on the Pretty Patterns!


  • Japanese Quartz movement keeps accurate time.
  • Vegan Leather and adjustable buckled belt.
  • The dial shows colorful Mandala circles.
  • The belt has a delicate floral henna-like design to make it playful.
  • Replaceable watch battery.
  • It comes in Purple, Black, Orange, Turquoise, Pink, and Green.
  • Great for gift giving for fun loving family and friends.

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