MSRP: $38.95

Forget those "run of the mill (pun intended)" salt and pepper mills and get the SLEEK AND PROMPT Salt and Pepper SINGLE GRINDER WITH DUAL PURPOSE!!

Why buy two separate mills for salt and pepper when you can actually BUY 1 & GET 2? That is right, buy only one SLEEK AND PROMPT Salt and Pepper grinder and get 2 purposes solved from the same one that you usually get from your two separate and ordinary salt and pepper mills. SLEEK & PROMPT is one single grinder of its kind with dual purpose, one side grinds the salt and other side grinds the peppers!! 

Have the convenience of picking up 2 grinders at 1 time that is 1 container with 2 built in spaces and functions for salt as well as peppers!  With just one twist and turn you can grind both salt and pepper, without ever putting the grinder down. Then return it to its place and you are saving the counter space too as you are storing only one grinder instead of the usual two separate mills.
"DAILY GRIND" MADE EASY (pun intended again) with SLEEK & PROMPT! A must have for your Up To Date Kitchen.


  • 2 in 1 Grinder.
  • Easy to pour salt and pepper in same grinder and still keep they sorted.
  • Grinder shows big S AND P letters on it, for Salt and Pepper.
  • SLEEK Stainless Steel look.
  • PROMPT 2 in 1 grinding action for salt and pepper both, with setting of as coarse or fine as you needed. Turn right for fine, turn left for course.  No batteries needed manual grinder.
  • Easy to fill and refill.
  • Durable to last long.
  • Great as a housewarming gift.

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