Smart Hands for Smart Phones - LOT OF 25 pcs

MSRP: $131.95


This is LOT of 25 pcs Mix Colors per lot

Smart hands for Smart Phone quick and easy your Smart Hands will keep your phone higher than other objects on your desk and you will be able to easily see messages watch movies and talk hands free.

Smart hands will free up your own hands so you can multitask.

Simple and easy to use adjusts to all models of phone from slim to thick and from those that look like a tablet as well.
Get all 3 and and use them everywhere and see your productivity rise with Smart Hands.

-Flexible Plastic Hands smooth to touch.
-Will fit all smart phones includes all iPhones from 4,5,6,6 plus and Samsung Galaxy, Note, and all other models.
-Perfect for Night stand or on Desktop.
-Comes in 3 colors.

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