Touch Of Glamour Sequin Pillow Covers

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Home is where the sequin pillows are!

Bring a lot of happiness home with these adorable pillow covers full of sequins... Whether it is your wedding anniversary, Thanksgiving gathering, Christmas party or a big birthday bash, create a beautiful ambiance with flowers, candles and lots and lots of amazing sequin pillows...Add the sequin pillow covers to your existing pillows to enjoy a little shimmer on your bed or arrange them artistically on your sofas to create a bright and colorful decor to lounge in...

Make your home look adorable, comfortable and fun with a little Touch Of Glamour!


  • The pillow covers are made of softest Cotton fabric.
  • They are topped with handmade sequins all over the front which gives them a glam look.
  • They measure 18 inches by 18 inches.
  • The pillows will become a conversation piece due to shimmery textured covers. 
  • Toss the pillows around to play with it, draw and write on it.
  • They come in beautiful colors like 24K GOLD, ROYAL BLUE, BOLD RED, QUEEN PINK, AND TURQUOISE OCEAN.
  • Get more, each sold separately.


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