Tribal Spirit Turquoise Gold Plated Earrings

MSRP: $22.95

Tribal Spirit Turquoise Gold Plated Earrings. We know you were looking for these and see you found them now.

Don't you just want to say ‘OH THERE YOU ARE!!’


It is the same way for people too they come and go , but once in a while we meet someone who is supposed to be in our life, and our heart goes ‘OH THERE YOU ARE!!’ I have been looking for you.

You have found the member of your tribe.


The Tribal Spirit Earrings go very well with the Tribal Spirit Necklace and Delicate Delight Necklace we have. Layer them together as they go very well with each other.



  • Hypoallergenic Gold plated hook style earrings.
  • Drilled Turquoise stones.
  • Light weight and very attractive.
  • It comes in a gift pouch.

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