Wild Cat iPhone Case With Leopard Print Design

MSRP: $29.95

Express your wild side with this little accessory...

This phone case with the Leopard print design is all yours to protects your phone as it has a non-slip grip. Get yours today and put it on your iPhone right away so you can wear it with your Leopard print top, or show it off with your all-black outfit and Leopard print handbag or shoes!

Express your love for the Wild Cat with your favorite accessories...


  • It is compatible for iPhone - 7/8, iPhone - 7/8 plus, iPhone - XS , iPhone - XR, and iPhone - X MAX. 
  • All features for the iPhones are accessible through the proper cut outs.
  • Sturdy exterior to safeguard your phone from any accidental drops, scratches, and dust.

  • It comes in the wild and gorgeous Leopard print design.

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